December 12, 2014

Residents Work Together to Restore Coastal Pine Groves Damaged by Disasters

Residents Work Together to Restore Coastal Pine Groves Damaged by Disasters
Tohoku Fukko Nikki (Tohoku Reconstruction Diary) is a weekly article in an eastern Japan newspaper called the Tokyo Shimbun. The weekly article delivers news and stories on reconstruction efforts in...
Japanese Government and World Bank Launch Project to Share Lessons from Great East Japan Earthquake
July 24, 2014
The Japanese government and the World Bank launched a joint project called "Lea...
Study Shows Growing Number of Young Japanese Urbanites Want to Settle in Rural Areas
October 25, 2014
Japan is one of the first countries in the world to face, head-on, the serious ...
Study Project Begins Seeking Happy Local Communities
December 4, 2014
What factors are essential for local regions and their residents to be happy? ...
Perception, Awareness, Efforts over Biodiversity Shrinking
November 21, 2014
A survey of Japanese people on biodiversity revealed a decrease in people's pe...
New Cooking Pot, Stove Unveiled that Recharges Cell Phone, Other Devices
June 20, 2014
All Rights Reserved. TES New Energy Co., a venture company to transfer technolo...
Suntory Sets Future Vision and Aims for Creating Sustainable Global Environment
December 7, 2014
Suntory Holdings announced on January 30, 2014, that it has formulated the Sunt...
Disaster Prevention from Women's Perspectives
November 13, 2014
The JKSK Yui-Yui project, an initiative to support the victims of the 2011 Gre...

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Arase Dam: Japan's First Dam Removal Project Underway

Arase Dam: Japan's First Dam Removal Project Underway



Arase Dam in Kumamoto Prefecture is the very first dam to be dismantled in Japan at the urging of local residents who have been suffering from the dam's impacts. What can we learn from these residents' efforts?

They did not give up even when the dam removal plan was put on ice, and in the end experts were employed to minimize environmental impacts during the decommissioning process.

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